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The backstory of the Jessop's Journal opening & promo

"There is a method to the madness" - I've broadcast over 100 digital episodes of Jessop's Journal. You could say I put together quite a collection of stories. I have to admit that I'm a blessed man. I'm one of the few TV journalists that get to pick and choose who I interview. I tease people to say if they want to get to know me just watch my stories and you will find out what I'm interested and want to know more about.

Everyone has a story. Stories have power. They help us understand each other. People may not look like you. They may not sound like you. They might have a different way of looking at things. My strong feeling is that if people sit down and listen to learn...not just listen to respond, that you might found out that we have more in common than we think.

The awesome and talented @thatsartfolks created the opening graphic for Jessop's Journal. You'll notice that there are some interesting elements in the graphic that are there for a reason. The hat in the upper right hand corner is one of my favorite custom designed hats called "The Falcon". The polaroid pictures in the lower right hand corner are of me. On of my favorite pictures is of me and my mother when I was a little boy. The circle rimmed glasses are my actual glasses. The postcard is an homage to one of my other series "Jessop's Journey's". The ears buds are a nod to by Jessop's Jukebox music series.

Here is a link to see my :30 promo using my show opening. Enjoy.

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