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Who is Doug Jessop and why should I care?

Doug Jessop is the hat-wearing broadcast veteran that focuses on positive and uplifting stories.

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For Doug, it all started with a cassette recorder he got for Christmas when he was 12 years old growing up in Southern California. Doug interviewed relatives, friends and anyone else that might have a good story. The broadcast bug was solidified in high school after getting 15 minutes of fame being on-air briefly at 2 major Los Angeles radio stations.

“Everyone has a story. Stories have power. They help us understand each other.” With that mantra in mind, Doug does in-depth, online interviews in his weekly series “Jessop’s Journal”.

Over his career, Doug has interviewed over a thousand business owners and loves to share economic development stories highlighting the entrepreneurial spirt. His series “Utah Success Stories” can be seen Sundays on ABC4 News @ 10 p.m. and also found online at

His broadcast career officially started 40 years ago as a radio announcer in Logan, Utah; Los Alamos, New Mexico and then Salt Lake City with KCPX-FM, the sister radio station of KTVX-TV (ABC4 Utah).

Doug first went to the TV side as the Director of Marketing for the largest satellite broadcast firm in the country distributing TV programs, NBA games and was involved in the creation of a new TV network, UPN. He then worked at various Utah TV stations and is now back at home with ABC4. You’ve heard Doug’s voice for years in commercials and as one of the station voices for several Utah TV stations.

He loves to garden and helps produce the garden segments in Good Things Utah. Doug helped design and plant the Good4Utah Gardens. He also has been the coordinator and field producer for the Good4Utah Road Tour since 2013.

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