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Attitude of Gratitude.

I believe in having an "Attitude of Gratitude." With that in mind, I want to thank the people that make Jessop's Journal possible.

First off, I've got to thank my awesome videographer, Ed Wilets. He doesn't like to be in front of the camera, but he makes it possible for me to be in front. We've done literally hundreds of news stories and interview features together.

In my forty plus year and counting broadcast career I'm probably known best as the "guy that wears the hats." JW Custom Hats are my custom hatter and I wholeheartedly recommend Raymond Crane and the gang to anyone that wants a custom, top quality hand made hat.

When you are a TV personality people expect you to look good. I'm grateful to have the Adam Malborg and the friendly folks at Tailor Cooperative as my custom tailor. If you haven't noticed I really like vests with collars and every single one is made to order.

I've had allergies since I was a kid. A number of years ago I did a news story on a company with a name that is hard to say, XLEAR, but it is "clear" that they make a fantastic nasal spray that has really helped me.

Another news story I did a while back was with a distillery that had converted a big chunk of their manufacturing to making hand sanitizer at the beginning of the pandemic. Ogden's Own Distillery obviously also makes adult beverages and I appreciate their underwriting support.

Lastly, I would remiss if I didn't thank Rustico for hand crafting my top grain leather journals. My weekly series of powerful and positive in-depth interviews is called "Jessop's Journal" after all.

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